Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to my favorite Ninja

This weekend was Angela's Birthday Extravaganza!

We started the festivities with lunch at Chaco Canyon.
An organic Vegetarian Cafe in Seattle.
Which Angela and I thought was in U Village, but as it turns out is really on the Ave. in the U Dist.
This was brought to my attention after making fun of another girl who called to say she had paid for parking and wondered where Angela and I were at. 

We were all like
 "Why did she pay to park?! It's free here. She doesn't know what she's doing!"

Turns out, we were the dummies and were actually at the wrong place entirely.

So, we called another friend who was on her way to meet us and asked her to pick us up.
This was after I called her on my phone because Angela's phone was acting a fool.
Since this particular friend isn't someone I call on the daily, I wasn't positive the number I had for her was correct.

So when I called I said:  " Hello, is this Stacy?"

She said: " No, you have the wrong number."

To which I apologized and hung up.
As Angela and I searched my text archive to locate the right number, my phone rang.
It was the person I had just called.

I answered: "Hello?"

Caller: "This is Stacy"

For a split moment I thought, WOW I really just controlled my universe there.
 I can't believe my mind control powers have gotten so strong!

 I was quickly brought back to reality though.

Me: "Whaaaaat?"

Caller: " This is Stacy! You called the right number, I was joking with you and then began to tell you some other story and a few minutes later when you didn't respond, I realized you had hung up and I was talking to myself "

Obviously, my friends and I are meant for each other.

Moving on. 
We made it to Chaco.

Where I had a delicious 
Thai Peanut Bowl
  Mango Mint Smoothie 

It was all super good and I didn't feel bloated and gross like I usually do. 
Check it out if you haven't yet. 
It's worth your veggie time.

Then a friend from Montana showed up and surprised Angela!!!
Only after my failed attempt to keep Angela in the Ladies Room with me long enough for the surprise guest to make an entrance.
That story is far to long to get into, but lets just say, if you are trying to trick someone, make sure they don't have access to your text messages.

Then this happened

Next stop was our hotel to pretty up, have a few (more) drinks and get ready for a night out.

Part of Angela's present!

This consisted of conversations regarding Demi Moore and her 19 year old playboy photos, dead squirrels, bisexual estheticians, stories about divorced husbands who lead secret lives, douchebag ex fiance's and cell phones in bags of rice due to being dropped in public toilets ( yes, that actually happened earlier in the day)

On her Rice bag phone. AKA Potty Phone

Off to dinner at Liams

The food was delicious, even though they screwed up my order.
The service we alright..ish, even though I was never offered a second cocktail and dessert was good because we all ordered it and it never came. 
Saving us many calories and money in the long run.
The manager apologized for basically sucking at life, but besides offering us free desserts to go ( which we didn't want, since we were headed to a club) we were given nothing.
So, I tipped....nothing.
Yep, that just happened.

Off to The Ballroom in Fremont.
Where things got weird.

I will not incriminate anyone on here with the permanent damage of the written word.
But I will say, long islands shouldn't be served to girls over 23 and stripper poles and cages bring out the naughty in everyone. Even the good girls.

The night came to a close like this:
It's 2 am
 1 of us ended up outside trying to have a conversation with the bouncer about something they apparently felt was very important

1 of us wasn't allowed back in after a smoke break outside

4 of us were asked to leave because someone closed their eyes and was accused of sleeping

1 of us got the bouncer's number 

1 of us accidentally stole a blazer ( the jacket ,not the car)

3 of us crammed in a car we aren't sure we were invited into for a ride home

Flash forward to Sunday AM

Michelle ended up crashing at the hotel the night before but hadn't planned on it.
To save herself from the walk of shame in her outfit from last night, she stole my yoga pants and t shirt and wore Angela's shoes home.
Accidentally, I might add.
She didn't know she was wearing someone else's shoes!
How do you do that?!
I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.

The rest of us stood in line for breakfast at

If you haven't been there, go.
If you haven't seen the menu, look at it.
If you aren't hungry now, you don't have a soul.

Oh yeah, there is a toppings bar.

You might remember when I came here for 

Also, I have no idea where this bruise came from.
But I do know, I can't party like I'm 17 anymore.

Then I came home and took a nap.
Thank God for naps.

Happy Birthday weekend Gurl.


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