Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday Decorations

Trim the trees and deck the halls

Christmas night at home.

This year the bottom quarter of our tree was bare because of Clark.
Our tree lights also stopped working so we had to use the lights that normally go in the windows.
Only problem was that they had white wires, so they looked kinda tacky.
I refused to buy more lights though because I wanted to wait until the after Christmas sale when they would all be 70% off!
Which they were, and I got some for next year already!


This was the first year with our little fireplace we got from Nona's house.
It worked perfect for our stockings!
Except Clark pulled them down, holder and all.....twice.
Luckily nothing hit him in the head, the silver holders shattered and left big gouges in our wood floors though.
Now I know what my bff Amy means when she says " This is why we don't have nice things!"

To add height and fit more decor on my little mantel I stacked books and empty cigar boxes in back.


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