Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's put a ball of glass in a toddlers hand and call it a craft

Pinterest win (kinda)

As a thoughtful ( and money saving) gift for the grandparents this year I decided to do a little craft.
Above is the inspiration. 
I am not totally sure how they were able to get that great result though because getting a 1.5 year old to actually do what you want them to is nearly impossible.
Clark was not happy about getting his entire hand painted.
He cried.
When we tried to get him to press his hand onto the ornament he didn't want to spread his fingers out.
When I told him to let go, he smeared his hand all over the ball.
So, my final product looked less like a hand print and more like ...not a hand print.
In fact Great Grandma didn't even know what it was until I explained it to her.
(Of course then she LOVED it)
Clark's hand also took up a lot more room than Gianna's did.
Which leads me to believe Gianna must have been an infant and her parent's probably did the hand print while she was sleeping.
Which in retrospect, was probably a really good idea.
That's the only way we can clip Clark's dagger claws.
It also wasn't until after I made this that I went to the original Blogger's post that I got the inspiration photo from.
She notes "Don't use a glass ornament" 

Yeah, that was probably a really good idea too.
Mom fail- check!

Anyway, it was still cute...ish.
And no one needed stitches.

I forgot to get a photo, but on the back I wrote Clark and the date.


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