Thursday, January 2, 2014


Remember that stomach flu I mentioned that Clark and I had? 
Well, we also gave it to the in-laws.
Merry Christmas!
So they canceled Christmas eve with us and stayed home to vomit. 
Originally we had all planned to get together and do a family dinner and gifts, but instead we went out to eat with my parents and my brother in Law.
( Who ended up crashing on the couch)
This is relevant because  while Santa was filling the stockings later that night, one of his helpers pointed out that poor Uncle Stinky wouldn't have anything to open on Christmas morning. 

Make shift stocking

So Santa did what he could with no warning and found a wool sock and tied a ribbon around it.
He then stuffed it full of spare toiletries from the hall closet.
Deodorant, Floss, condoms ( Which turned out to be expired.And that really pisses me off because those were expensive.) candy and other random items. 

All was good come Christmas morn when we all opened our stockings and found treasures inside!

               Clark has a new obsession with his Belly Button and unzips his shirts to get to it at all times.
After stockings were opened at our house we loaded up and headed to my parent's house for breakfast and gifts.

Clark and Grandpa Mac

The castle of Grey Skull!

Clark dumped everything out and just wanted to play with the boxes of course

What could it be?
Rainbow Bright Dolls, Duh!

Clark & daddy

Clark got a wooden train with animals that ride in it

And the most fantastic wagon ever made!

The aftermath

One of Clark's many adorable shirts!

New hunting gear and trying out the wagon 

And now, more importantly
my loot!

Make up and more make up!

Smashbox & Urban Decay Shadow sets

Benefit Lipstick set

DKNY Delicious

Illume Cactus Verde  Candle , vintage Jesus

Jewelry, Retro Blender Wine Stop

Cat paper clips, cat shirts, cat scarf....

Cat makeup bag, Mascaras, Stila lip gloss & Anastasia Beverly Hills brow set

Smashbox Bronzer, Stila Blush & Phillips Teaze 2 Brush

Paints, Sugar Skull Spoon Rest, Hod Rod patches

Adorable coffee creamer set by Grasslands Road

Fergie Boots


New sheets!

Deer shirt!

Sugar Skull wind chime

Drape Front Leather Jacket 

This awesome shirt

aaaaaaaand more boots

Oh and a subscription to Birchbox!!
(I will keep you posted on what I get from them too. I can't wait!)

I would say this was a successful Christmas!
I am very lucky to have the family & friends that I do.
Since I am the age of an adult ( notice how I didn't actually call myself an adult) I didn't really expect to get all these gifts and things. I thought this year would be all about Clark and I would be left in the dust.
Just another mom with Cheerios stuck to her sweat pants and yogurt in her hair, but I was wrong.
And I am really glad I was. 


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