Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I guarantee this will be as much fun as two fifteen year olds.

Welcome to my party.
The invitation aptly titled " Death has never been closer" 

You saw my inspiration
Now you see real life.

Getting ready to leave the house

My cakey poo
I made the cake and the bedazzled candles

I still can't believe I got him to buy this suit!
I love it!

Birthday shots

And presents

Tea set!

Cat knob

Cat clothes

I'll give you one guess.....
It's a glass rolling pin!

Cake time

11:30.... things start to get weird

Yep... it's time for bed.

Don't forget your party favor!

Thank you everyone who made it out on this windy stormy night!
You made my coming of age a little sweeter.

Monday, February 17, 2014

And I just died.

Okay maybe not died... but I am closer to death. 
Closer than I have ever been before.
 I am turning 30.
I am not sure how this is possible.
 My stretch marks and puffy eyes say  " It's possible"
Thanks body, but don't give up on me now. 
I still have a few more decades to go. 

For the big event I planned a party at a German Bar & Restaurant in Seattle. 

Here is my list of prepare for the day things:
Book the upstairs mezzanine space (which is just a fancy word for large balcony)
Ordered snacks 
Invite lots of friends who I want to come out and make bad decisions with me
Make a cake
Get a new party dress
Make a hair and make up appointment
Go tanning( more on that later, I know it's horrible)
Make a fun a banner.
Make treat swag bags for the guests
 bedazzle candles for my cake
And most importantly, get balloons.

This better go off without a hitch or I better be too trashed to know any different. 

Here are my inspiration photos:

Gotta wait for my next post to see how it turned out! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Eat your heart out

Homemade Valentine decor by yours truly.
This year I really went all out.


 But I tried, a little.

I told Clark to come stand in front of the fireplace and he ran and got his little chair and drug it over to sit on.
He is also holding my hairbrush.
Didn't wanna give it up for the photo.

Happy Heart day ya'll!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello, I'm new here

You may have noticed the new blog stylings!

What do ya think?!
I wanted to wait until some awesome benchmark number of posts to unveil this, but hey 464 is close enough.
Yep, that's right.
I have written almost 500 blog posts for you to read.

In 2010 when I started the blog , I read a lot of other big bloggers' words of wisdom. 
They said things like:
 " Write for you, not for everyone else."
" Have good content."
"Don't worry if you don't have a lot of readers or followers, keep writing, they will come."
One blogger said she wanted to give up after a few months because she had only reached 100 followers and became discouraged.
Well..... it's been 4 years now.....and I still haven't reached that.

But give up?
No. I will not.
I do feel like I am writing for the cats sometimes and that no one is actually reading.
That's when I have to remind myself why I am here and that it's not a competition. 
This was something that I decided I wanted to do and it makes me feel good. 
I like that I can look back in time and see what I was up to or thinking at that moment. 
It's like my own online diary. 
Or a brain that doesn't forget.
I mean seriously,after everyone left Myspace I needed somewhere to publicly express myself! 
Am I right? Or am I right?
But I am human and of course I have the innate goal of becoming popular and getting voted Homecoming Queen Blog Genius. 
Then quitting my day job and living off of a cushy income solely supplemented by my blogging ways.
Obviously, I need a little help though.
So, please share my blog if you like it.
Please comment on posts if you have something to say.
Please leave me a message and let me know what it is you LIKE or don't like, for that matter, about my blog.
What would you like to see more of?
Or am I just perfect the way I am?

Thank you to all my friends and readers.

You make me want to run into traffic a little less and enjoy life a little more.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Arts n' farts

My latest DIY project!

Until recently I have been using an old glass vase to keep all my brushes in on my vanity.
All of my small brushes kept getting lost in there though.
Instead of buying a new holder, I scrounged around in the basement and this is what I came up with.

After I cleaned the jars and dried them, I watered down a little acrylic paint and poured it inside.
I swirled it around and made so all of the glass was coated.
Then I set them upside down on newspaper to drip any access out and begin to set.
After an hour, I turned them up right and let them dry completely, about 24 hours.

To dress them up and match them to my bedroom decor, I added some burlap string and hung glass crystals on it.

Then I set both jars on a vintage glass punch cup tray.
Both jars fit perfect on there and I have a little extra space to toss bobby pins and rings too!