Saturday, March 29, 2014

Does this spray tan make my butt look big

Last week I hosted a lil' gathering, a soire' if you will, at my house.
I had an airbrush mobile tanning lady come over to get everyone ready for spring!
You may remember I did this once  before.

Nothing like a spray tan to bring together some good friends! 
Throw in some candles from Gold Canyon and delicious snacks by yours truly and you've got yourself

Ok, maybe not EVER, but that's what the banner says.

I didn't want to do the veggie tray and boxed wine route for this party.
I went a "little" overboard...but hey, what else do I have to do with my time?!
Stay at home mom's just sit around and surf the tube, right?

This was craft project numero uno. 
It turned out super cute, but super hard to read.
If only i had a cricket.....
(hint hint)

 Next on the list was dining room decor
Which I decided to make myself
You might also be impressed that I bought nothing for these projects.
This was all junk out of my craft nest.
I made an assortment of whimsy garlands to hang over the table 

Super easy Tissue Paper Tassels
Find a tutorial HERE

Card stock with pretty corners & glittered clothespins 

Knotted ribbons 

Vintage hankies
 ( cuz, ya know I just happened to have a box of them hanging out)

Burlap strips and lace bows

Spray painted soup cans dipped in glitter

I know, I know, you are probably thinking " OMG, this must have taken you forever to do!"
I made all of these in one evening
I'm crafty.

Then it was onto table decor!
I used a few of my mom's table cloths as well as a vintage chenille bed spread as the base layer. 
I added in a table runner and a few embroidered fabric napkins left over  from my wedding.
Then I laying out dishes, plates,cake stands & platters and I labeled each dish with what food item would go in it so that I knew exactly how many dishes I needed to organize on my table.
I set those up at different heights, using things I had around the house ( ie; hat box, baskets, bins, more cake stands) and then accessorized with  junk that went with my theme!

 Here it is waiting  for food.

Aaaaand Tah Dah!

Over here we have meat, cheese, crackers, stuffed shells

Behind that is Chicago Popcorn  Cones
If you haven't tried this stuff, you are missing out.
You can get your hands on a big bag at Costco for a few bucks and it's so addicting.

These were super easy to make and a good way for guest to get decent amount to snack on.
Because let's face it, putting a pile of popcorn on a plate is just kinda weird.
I used scrapbook paper that I cut into 2 triangles and rolled into a cone.
Stuffed some tissue paper in there before the popcorn and 
 taped edges shut with washi tape.

( PS: Washi tape is just as addicting as the popcorn. You have been warned)

Fruit, veggies & hummus 

Small details 


Labels are more important than you think.
Your guests will thank you.
Trust me.

Moving into the kitchen

My Spring Chalkboard update!
Pretty good for freehand me thinks

Putting the new sofa table to use.
Don't my flowers look lovely!?

Here is my glowing flesh the next day

And that's how you spend a Friday night!
To those of you who missed it, may your pale skin taunt you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

News Flash: I am the same age as the "parents" in class

Or will it?

I have been taking Clark to Little Gym since he turned one last summer.
 He loves it. 
More on that later, this is really about me. 

I just realized i am the same age as all the other parents in the class.
I always looked at them as the "adults" they were " parent age" and I was the younger , cooler one that just happened to have a baby in the class too.  
Then the other day it donned on me, I am the same age as them. 
I am the same age as the nerdy dad with the receding hairline.
 I am the same age as the out of date mom with the puffy paint vest.
Why hadn't this occurred to me before!?
We all have kids the same age obviously, the classes are grouped by age!
 Most of them are only children and these are first time me. 
I guess I always just viewed myself as a kid still. 
This was a huge revelation and I kinda wanted to go pass out and simultaneously do something super unresponsible and immature.
 This is really happening.
 I am a mom. 
I am in my ....*shudder*....thirties now. 
I am thinking about moving so I have more room for ....another child.
Not to say that's all bad, it's just something that has always been in the future.
 And now I am realizing, this IS the future.

It's just that I had so many things I thought I  would do before I got to this stage. 
Now I am here and I'm like " WTF! I still have those other senseless fun adventures I wanted to do!"
 I still have tattoos to get and vacations to take.
 I wanted to be a KISW Rock girl and go to a Rave. 
I wanted to party all night and eat biscuits and gravy in the morning to nurse my hang over.
 I guess it's not the realization that I am 30 and I am old. 
It's the realization that there are a lot of things I thought I wanted to do that are now falling out of my reach. Things that aren't appropriate for me to do anymore and things that I honestly just DON'T want to do anymore but am still sad I wasn't able to check them off my list.
In the back of my mind I always thought I had the option to do them. 
Now, I feel like that door is shutting and I can't go back. 

Is it just me???

Now, to quench your Clark thirst.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Seuss cake. Pass and Fail.

This week I made a Dr.Seuss cake for a 1st Birthday party!
Let's start with some inspiration photos.

What I wanted it to look like

What I DIDN'T want it to look like:

Cat Hat or Penis? It's kind of borderline. 

What it looked like:

Mason & his smash cake 

Did I hit the mark?!
I am pretty happy with how it turned out, of course, like anything in retrospect, there are some small changes I would make the 2nd time around.
But, all in all, I think it looked cute and un-penis like.