Saturday, March 15, 2014

Coffee table of death

You have caused so much harm!
I have toted you around for the last 10 years. 
My original coffee table I took with me when I moved to California at 22.
I found you  in my grandpa's basement and painted you with some left over paint I had sitting around. 
You never matched anything, but kinda went anyway.
Great for storage, bad for business.
Since having Clark, you has been nothing but problems.
All injuries have lead back to you!

Clark has cracked his head on this thing countless times and it's worthless for setting a drink on because Clark will knock it over. 
It's pointless to set decorations on because Clark with take them all off. 

So we had to come up with a new solution.
Enter : The modern sofa table! 

Obviously, Clark is a toddler and still messes with all the decor I set on it, but it's still better this way.

My Inspiration Photos
Found mostly on Pinterest.

This is what the table looks like "naked" Since you can't see anything besides the end, it was really easy and quick to build. 
Steve used some wood we had sitting around that was originally torn out of the upstairs when we remodeled. He nailed it all together and stained the top and exposed side. 
I liked the rustic look without any sealer or lacquer on it, but that would be a nice finish. 

This lead us to another issue though. 
With this table behind the couch, we couldn't use our curtains anymore. 
Here are the original window treatments in the living room.

So I bought some canvas shades from Ikea. 
They were inexpensive and a quick fix.
If I wanted something more long term I would have opted for custom wood shades, but we are considering moving next year, so why bother. 

Here they are rolled down at night. 
Even though they are white, they are heavy enough that we have good privacy when it's dark outside.

They roll up and velcro during the day.
I also like that it isn't one big shade, so I have the option of leaving a few windows closed and just the center rolled or whatever I want.

What do ya think?!
PS: The Pink Trunk coffee table is up for grabs! 
Let me know if you want it.
Might be a good toy box for an older child too.

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