Monday, March 17, 2014

News Flash: I am the same age as the "parents" in class

Or will it?

I have been taking Clark to Little Gym since he turned one last summer.
 He loves it. 
More on that later, this is really about me. 

I just realized i am the same age as all the other parents in the class.
I always looked at them as the "adults" they were " parent age" and I was the younger , cooler one that just happened to have a baby in the class too.  
Then the other day it donned on me, I am the same age as them. 
I am the same age as the nerdy dad with the receding hairline.
 I am the same age as the out of date mom with the puffy paint vest.
Why hadn't this occurred to me before!?
We all have kids the same age obviously, the classes are grouped by age!
 Most of them are only children and these are first time me. 
I guess I always just viewed myself as a kid still. 
This was a huge revelation and I kinda wanted to go pass out and simultaneously do something super unresponsible and immature.
 This is really happening.
 I am a mom. 
I am in my ....*shudder*....thirties now. 
I am thinking about moving so I have more room for ....another child.
Not to say that's all bad, it's just something that has always been in the future.
 And now I am realizing, this IS the future.

It's just that I had so many things I thought I  would do before I got to this stage. 
Now I am here and I'm like " WTF! I still have those other senseless fun adventures I wanted to do!"
 I still have tattoos to get and vacations to take.
 I wanted to be a KISW Rock girl and go to a Rave. 
I wanted to party all night and eat biscuits and gravy in the morning to nurse my hang over.
 I guess it's not the realization that I am 30 and I am old. 
It's the realization that there are a lot of things I thought I wanted to do that are now falling out of my reach. Things that aren't appropriate for me to do anymore and things that I honestly just DON'T want to do anymore but am still sad I wasn't able to check them off my list.
In the back of my mind I always thought I had the option to do them. 
Now, I feel like that door is shutting and I can't go back. 

Is it just me???

Now, to quench your Clark thirst.

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