Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home makeover on a diet

This was maybe not the best idea.
I have been doing a round of HCG this last month.
( Down 16.4 lbs, yay!)
The diet happened to coincide with the hubs vacation between projects at work.
Which he planned a kitchen remodel around!

Let's tear the house apart, stay up till 2 am night after night doing manual labor, all while totally Hangry, detoxing and hallucinating due to sugar withdrawals.
Oh and take care of a toddler somehow in  there too.
Sounds like a good time had by all.

Oh wait, that doesn't sound like enough going on at once.
Let's have the in laws come stay with us so they can help out.
( which WAS A HUGE HELP, but if you have ever had house guests, it can add a little stress having people stay with you. Family or not. It's just the way it is)

Also,I'm gonna need you to go ahead and seal the basement floor, replace the back steps, tear out and re sod the back yard, then update the downspouts and install a french drain.
Oh, and I almost forgot, put in a new back door.

Easy Peasy.


If this isn't the time to eat delivery and pizza, I don't know when is. 
I don't have a functioning oven and I am washing dishes in the bathroom sink.
Might I add, our little craftsman only has ONE bathroom.
So I hope no one needs to go potty because I need to clean my spoons.

I will do a formal remodel before and after post when everything is finished but here are a few progress shots! 
( Clark was also a big help)

Stay Posted for more updates on the renovations!

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