Friday, April 11, 2014

It's not easy being green

I have a problem.

Not pictured: Another shade of green in the form of a milkshake maker

I love green.
That wonderful retro green.
I have built a nice collection of decor, small appliances and art in this green.
The problem is that not all green is created equal. 

I am nearing the end of my kitchen remodel and thinning the heard, if you will, on my green things. 
I want to be able to leave a few things out on my counters for a pop of color since so much of the kitchen is now white.
Except when you get all the green things together in a party, you can see that none of them are the same shade of green.

So now I am considering transitioning a few things to white and just keeping the Kitchen aid green. 
( Which happens to be discontinued, so I will never find another item that shade again to go with it! )
I can't give it up though!

My coffee pot happens to be the black sheep.
It's black.
See what I did there?

So I am thinking about getting a new coffee maker and toaster in white to share the space with my green mixer.
The Bella Diamond collection tickles my fancy.

Wait, it comes in turquoise?!

Damn it.


Lostvestige said...

Green is one of my favorite colors too, especially mint green! I have noticed though that there are about a million different shades of mint green, so I'll end up buying something that I think matches another piece I have until I get it home and realize that it's a completely different color. I LOVE the color of that mixer!

gracie@ohgraciepie said...

I love them all!! They just don't all look great next to each other!