Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Never heard of the Flowbee?!

I got my hair done.
I got it cut. 

The color I did myself. 

Because I am insane.

This post isn't about the new red though.
It's about ,you guessed it, being old.

I went to the local beauty college because i just needed a simple trim and it cost me 6.00! 
Can't argue with that.
However, while I was getting my hair cut, some how the topic of  a Flowbee came up and the girl doing my hair stared at me like a deer in headlights when I mentioned it. 

Apparently this was before her time.
 Which makes sense, she is in college right that would mean she was born after the craze.
 But I feel like it  was such a big part of American Trash history , I find it hard to believe that anyone would be so clueless to this pop culture favorite.
(Hello, Waynes World!?)

 Especially someone in the hair industry ( kinda) .
So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. 
I figured she just didn't know the name and if I explained more to her, it would click.
 I explained, that it was a diy hair cut gadget, they sold it on tv, it was hooked to a vacuum and literally sucked your hair into its handheld nozzle and cut it. 
By this point she was so baffled she had stopped trimming and looked at me  like I had totally made the whole thing up. 
Which I get, I suppose if I had never heard of it and someone told me about it, I would think it couldn't possibly be real.  It's so ridiculous.
So, my hair stylist asks her buddy next to her if SHE had heard of this, this, flow.....what? Flow.. bee thing. The other student is also stumped. 
She says " WOW, i need to you tube this! I wonder if our instructor has heard of it before" 
( I'm thinking, OF COURSE she has heard of it!! Everyone  has!)

So she asks the instructor when she walks by. 
The instructor is all " OF COURSE I HAVE HEARD OF A Flowbee!! They still sell them actually and they can cut a pretty good haircut if you aren't trying to style at all."
 Finally, someone on the same page as me. 
Too bad this woman was in her 60's... and I have never felt older in my life. 

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