Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ready or Nautical

I love Nautical. It's basically my favorite thing.
I have been wearing it since 2004.
I was before the trend.

Okay maybe not before the trend...since it was popular in pretty much every decade. 
But I mean, before the current trend in THIS decade.

Unfortunately it might be sidestepping outta my closet because it's becoming a little too mainstream for me.
I was at Old Navy the other day and was overwhelmed with the Nautical stuff they had.
Once a trend hits Old Navy, it's all down hill from there in my opinion.

And these darn bracelets you can see everywhere!

How do you feel about it?
Still Love it?
Never liked it anyway?
Or has it gone the way of the Aztec drape sweater and over stayed it's welcome?


Lostvestige said...

I still can't help but like it! I think my favorite type of nautical clothing is anything with navy and white stripes, that second dress is SO adorable!

April J said...

I have been thinking about this post and I think there are a few things that prove to be timeless, nautical being one of them. But as much as I love dressing like a sailor I also love dressing like Pocahontas. There are main stream trends that tend to "ruin" these timeless ones, but as soon as it has passed and you are still sporting your tried and true that you bought long before the trend, all is back to right with the world. So I will continue to wear aztec ponchos and give high schoolers dirty looks till they leave my shit alone.