Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You'll thank me later

May I present to you:
Westfield Southcenter Mall
 Family Lounge Area

If you didn't know this  little piece of Heaven existed,
You are missing out.
This amazing sanctuary is located behind the food court on the 2nd floor.
Every time I have gone in there I have been surprised at how empty it is. 
It's the "Family Lounge"
Mom's, Dad's and kids are welcome.
Hopefully no creepers that come and sit to watch kids or sneak a peak of a breast feeding mother though.
However, it is Southcenter, so I'm sure that does happen.
Okay, maybe I am changing my mind about this whole thing.
Anyway, on with my original post.
In a perfect happy world point of view here is the lounge.

Which features private rooms with comfy chairs for breastfeeding

A play area and TV for older kids & chairs for the Dads

A row of changing tables, each complete with their own sinks, mirrors and trash.
 As well as a community microwave for snacks and bottles.

Not pictured is the " Family Bathroom" which is like a Handicap Bathroom but it has more than one toilet in it. 
So you can do your business simultaneously with your kid!
Weird, but great, I am sure. 
Haven't used that amenity yet, myself. 

Check it out if you dare!
It's pretty cool.

If my paranoia scared you off, then head for the Nordstrom Lounge.
I don't think Dad's are welcome, but who am I kidding, Dad's don't change diapers!
It is just as nice and cushy( minus the play area)  but  has it's own sitting area and breastfeeding  area separate from the regular restrooms.
You can find it behind the Kids Section on the 3rd floor!

Consider yourself told.

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