Thursday, May 8, 2014

My back door is a Jerk

This damn door has been a pain since we moved in. 
I always said i wanted to replace it and it just got worse and worse with each change of the season.
Sometimes it would stick, sometimes it wouldn't. 
Sometimes you had to slam it , some times you didn't. 
Since it was the point of entry into the house every time, i found that it set me up for a bad mood. 
The frustration I had with that door.....
I don't think Steve was able to relate.
He isn't bothered by nearly as many things as me in general.
But specifically this door, I don't think it ever impacted him the same as it did me.
He is a guy, he is stronger than me, he opens and closes it with more force, naturally. 
There wasn't as much struggle for him to shut it tight. 
He also tends to have his hands free when he is going out and locking the door.
As opposed to my exiting of the house....... I have a struggling to break free toddler , (used to be a just as awkward baby car seat carrier) a huge diaper bag, a beverage of some type,
as well as another bag usually, filled with Clark's things or toys or groceries or stuff on its way to my destination.

So all this resulted in me usually having to make two trips.

One to put everything in the car and come back and shut and lock the door.
 Or either set everything down on the porch after just gathering it all up to go out the door, meanwhile grabbing for Clark so he doesn't make his way down the steps alone, pulling the door to hold it shut with one hand and lock it with the other . 
You had to pull this door WHILE you locked it.
 Not only that, the lock wasn't smooth, so you were also jiggling your key trying to get it to spin in there or to try and pull it our after you locked the dead bolt.
 It was a PAIN i tell you. 
So finally we replaced the door and it took a lot of work. 
The problem with old houses is that nothing is straight.
So you can't remove something and replace it so easily. 
Everything must be trimmed and skimmed and shored up and shimmed and filled and puttied and sanded and on and on. 
So we spent the entire afternoon ( We, being Steve and my Dad) pulling the old door out and putting the new door in.
 Even after getting it in, it still didn't work as nicely as it should have. 
So Steve spent another couple hours making it perfect. 
Which I am grateful for multiple times a day when I go in and out through this door.
He has no idea.
 It's just a nicer door to him, that's all. 
To me, it sets the tone of how my day is going to go. 
Fighting with that door is one less thing I have to deal with and I am pretty happy about that. 
But why didn't we do this 3 years ago?
 Just wanted to torture myself I guess.

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