Friday, June 6, 2014

Renton's Finest

Well, it's Friday afternoon and the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing and you are probably sitting at work reading the Chive and surfing the interwebs while your mind wanders and the minutes seem to take twice as long to click by.
 I know the feeling. 
Oh, wait.... nope, I'm at home. 
Hashtag Sorryimnotsorry 

I do have something to occupy your time though!
Go to Renton Reporter and Vote for Mr. Clark in the cutest kid ever of all time in the whole world ( except for your own child of course) and vote for him!

Come on, you are just looking for stuff to do right now to make time go a little faster.
Plus, you can log in with Facebook, so it's super easy. 
Do it. 
My life depends on it. 
Okay, not really, but Clark's self esteem does.
Enjoy your weekend Betches!

I even attached a little helpful widget for you to click on below!
(You can vote up to 10 time/day btw)

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Steve said...

YOU CAN VOTE UP TO 10 times a day!!! DOOO EET