Monday, July 7, 2014

WInner Winner Renton Dinner

Thank you for all your votes!
Clark won the Renton Report's Cutest kid contest.

Now, that we have dominated in the local competition, we will be moving on to full blown high glitz pageantry.
I intend to have Clark skipping around the stage like a show horse and blinking and nodding like valley girl.

Here is what Clark would look like in full glitz.

Calm down, it's just photoshop.

Anyway, when I received the message that we had won, I was told that next year would be bigger and better.
Well, I should hope so.
Not to poo poo Clark's cuteness, but there were only like 12 other entries!
Not to mention they allowed you to vote 10 times per day, which makes no sense.
It pretty much made this a popularity contest of who had more determined friends.
( Again, thank you!)
In the end there were really only 3 of us competing because all the other entries had fallen so far behind I am pretty sure they just gave up. 
We worked so hard to get to number one and then they print all 3 photos in the paper anyway.
Being a mostly noncompetitive person, I would have totally been content with 3rd place.

It obviously wasn't the great prizes I was after. 
All though a 100.00 visa card will buy some diapers or toys, I am not sure how a 25.00 coupon to the local Noodle House was the best they could come up with for 1st prize option for a kid contest.

How about a coupon for the Toy Store in the Landing? 
Your place on a float in the River Days Parade.

The prizes just don't make sense to me.
Also, since we are complaining here, the photo in the paper was poor quality.
I want a refund.
What did you say?
The Renton Reporter is free?

Damn it.

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