Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Fever

I have been a little overwhelmed with all the upkeep in our new house. 
Mostly because I am pregnant and have zero energy and my mobility is not what it once was. 
I want to garden and work on the yard that has been neglected for at least 2 years by the previous owner but my body says. "NO". 

Bending over and squatting are difficult with a belly in the way.
 My body has once again been taken hostage and it's wearing on me.
 I am looking forward to post baby when I can get a few more things done or shovel dirt for longer that 10 minutes without struggling as I reach maximum exhaustion. 
( Yes, I know you are laughing at me right now. Did I really just say "Get a few more things done" and "Post baby" in the same sentence?!)

Yes, I know it wont be all fun and games, I will be recovering from squeezing a watermelon out a pinhole, running on 2 hours of sleep from caring for a newborn AND toddler. 
I don't know how people do it.
 Guess I will find out soon. 
But at least I can start down the path of getting back in shape and being more active.
Bentley also volunteered her babysitting services, so that should help a bit.

 There are so many projects that are on stand still right now because I physically can't get them done.
 I know I need to be patient and just appreciate that I am healthy and having a healthy pregnancy.
 I am able to be home and not schlepping to to an office every morning like I was when I was pregnant with Clark. 
But I'm a complainer and that's what I do.
 I have to keep reminding myself that we have only been in our new house for 2 months now and have already done a lot of updates and projects. 
But, damn you Pinterest. 
The new ideas keep adding up and I want to do them all! 
Right now! 

In the meantime, I don't even have a nursery put together for baby number 2! 
When I was pregnant with Clark I had everything set up and organized by now. 

This time it is very different. 
We have our guest bed set up in the bedroom that will eventually be the baby's room. 
So I haven't really moved any other furniture in there.
 The changing table is somewhere in the garage and Clark is actually still sleeping in his crib, so I can't move that yet. 
I haven't even thought about painting the walls in there and I really couldn't care less about a nursery decor theme right now.  

I have bought a few new clothes, totes and blankets for the baby.
 I have a mobile for the crib and I ordered a few nursing bras.
 That's about it.
Poor baby number 2.
 Is this how my mom was with me?
 I feel less loved now. 

Just kidding.

I guess I just realized life will go on weather I have elephants and giraffes painted on the walls and closet stocked with newborn diapers all in row. 
Those things that seemed so important the first time around are just a hassle now! 
I have considered just sticking the crib and changing table in my bedroom for the first few months just so that I can avoid having to deal with tackling the nursery. 
My master bedroom is large enough that I have the space to do that and it might just be easier to have it all in there. 
When Clark was born he slept in a bassinet next to our bed and didn't even use his crib for the first 2 months.  
And THAT bedroom was much smaller. 
Every time Steve or I got up in the middle of the night we hit our heads on the sloped ceiling of our master bedroom. 

Which reminds me, 
I don't think I ever posted the final before and after photos from our house when we moved out!!
 I guess I need to do that. 
AND show you all my new house! 
The list just keeps on growing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Turns out I'm not dying, just pregnant.

The time has come to let this little secret out! 

I know most of my friends thought I fell off the face of the earth into a black hole better known as Bothell, Washington. 
Based on the fact that I moved away, haven't blogged in months, never upload new photos on Facebook and most importantly I suppose, haven't shown my face in public.

 I have managed to stay inside my little rental house of darkness and avoid pretty much all friend contact, activities and get togethers. 
This wasn't by choice.
 I felt like I was dying. 

This feeling was shortly followed by Clark also thinking he was dying.
But, it turned out he just had Ecoli.
(Which can in all seriousness cause one to die)
So we went on a 3 day/ 2 night vacation at the wonderful resort called Children's Hospital.
A few weeks after that resolved it's self, it was Thanksgiving and Christmas and I still had zero time or desire to go out into the real world.

Now that my Netflix Que is exhausted, I have moved into my 2nd trimester and we are moving into our new house, I am finally joining the living.

So, with that, I thought it was the proper time to announce that we will soon be a family of four!

Baby is due July 13, 2015
Same exact due date as Clark.