Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A double Birthday party

Hey, remember me? 
Yes, I used to blog here once upon a time. 
Turns out being a parent is very time consuming.
 I have a million new topics in queue and even an idea for a new blog. 
Believe it or not. 
But I thought since I never even wrote a post about my birth story with Blake ( let alone filled out his baby book ) I thought I could at least post about his FIRST Birthday ( and Clark's 4th). 

This way I have something to refer back to when I get around to filling in the blanks on that book. 
 I seriously get the worst mom award for not even writing Blake's name in his baby book yet though.
The longer I procrastinate, the more daunting it becomes. 
It's a vicious circle I tell ya. 

Anyway, without further adieu, The Party. 
(Donut themed for Blake & Paw Patrol for Clark)

Your house is not fully decorated and party ready until all tchotchkes are wearing hats.

There was no cohesive way to blend Paw Patrol and Donuts together so it was a bit of a mish mash.
I unintentionally ended up with most of the donut theme in the dining room and pups in the living room though.
Licorice " fire hoses" 

Homemade Donut Sugar Cookies and Mini Donuts

The spread
 ( In our newly remodeled kitchen)

My fire hydrant juice bottle

 I found a few photos of cakes online that I thought Clark would like.
 I let him choose his favorite one from the bunch. 
He was so excited when he saw the final product he could barely contain himself. 
He ran around the house yelling " I am so excited! This is the BEST day EVER!" 
It made it all worth it. 

The Rubble Cake 
Since I just have a little lady brain I decided it would be a good idea to use a brand new recipe for chocolate cake.
 It tasted great but it was the consistency of a flour-less chocolate cake. 
Which wasn't fabulous for a kid party or a 4 layer cake that needed to be sliced up. 
When I cut into the dense layers, it kind of just turned into a hot mess. 
So everyone got a pile of chocolate jumble on their plates. 
Cake: one  & Mommy: zero

I wonder what he wished for.
Probably a barn or to use the lawn mower.
Those are his usual go to wishes.

Blake's smash cake was on the healthier side.
 I used a new recipe for this cake too. 
It was made with applesauce and bananas and cream cheese icing.
 I didn't want to shock the system with a bunch of sugar and crap.
 He ended up barely eating the cake and went straight for the donuts on the outside. 
Which of course were not healthy at all. 

You might remember Clark's adorable 1st Birthday highchair.
This is not it.
In normal Gracie fashion I sold Clark's chair on Craigslist after refinishing it and using it for his party. 
So I had to find another old wood chair and repaint it all cute and make Blake's banner.
Not planning on having a 3rd, so this will also be going up for sale too.
Easy come, easy go.

The best family photo out of the bunch.
It's hard to get everyone to look the same direction at the same time these days.

I had planned to do a few outdoor games since it's July and typically nice this weekend.
Unfortunately it was raining all week, so I couldn't do my Donut Toss ( Cornhole) and Donuts on a string games.
Donuts on a string was one of my favorite games in elementary school.
It's when you have to eat the dangling donut off a string hanging down without using your hands. First one to finish it without it dropping to the ground wins.
Luckily a friend let us borrow her bounce house and we were able to set it up inside our garage.
 It worked out great. 
And honestly, the kids did NOT need more sugar, so it was probably best that we skipped my original games. 

Some firefighters even made an appearance 

Nona and Oma with their Blakey Boy

Present time!

The aftermath

The clean up Crew is here!

According to Clark it was The Best Day Ever!

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Linda said...

Lovely photos! Looks like a great time! :)