House Project

Our first house project!
My 1926 time capsule 

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER

Breakfast Nook BEFORE

Breakfast Nook DURING

Breakfast Nook AFTER

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew....

The upstairs time capsule says "Make me useful again!"
I'm all "Okay, it's on."

The day we moved in it was obvious the upstairs had been abandoned and forgotten.
For many, many years.

Upstairs BEFORE

Upstairs AFTER

Did I mention it had no heat?!
All original windows, floors, walls, lighting, electrical, doors and dirt.

DIY is just a nice word for : 
You will be up all night working an this project and then going to bed so you can get up and go to work at your "real" job where you will sit all day and think about the work you want to get done when you get home. 
All the while wondering why you didn't just hire someone to get it done in half the time and half the effort. 

Wait! Do you see that?
That little spot down there in corner?
Look closely.
I think that's my blood, sweat and tears.

Tear it all down to build it all back.

Let's demo the chimney, you said.
It will be fun , you said.

New stairs and carpeting

Finished upstairs with built in dressers

New Master Suite

Where is the closet though?

Here is  was my closet.
Now a nursery.

The backyard overhaul!


Exterior BEFORE

Exterior AFTER

Back Porch

And it's SOLD!!!

On to house Number Two

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