I am a 30 year old newly(ish) wed that just purchased my Second home.
 We have been getting down and dirty with renovations and I am constantly scouring the inter webs for fabulous inspiration.

 On my blog you will find a lot of random rants/raves and stories from my daily life.
Mixed in with wedding planning ideas,
(Even though MY wedding is long gone, I am still obsessed.)
home decor stylings, changing my hair color and the cold hard truth of motherhood.

When I am not blogging or playing house, I am sewing and selling on Etsy!

I love: DIY projects, painting and arts n' crafts
My style is: All things tacky and kitsch, retro & alternative
 I collect: Religious junk, tattoos, dark chocolate and muscle cars

Please join my readers!
Follow along as I navigate through the next chapter of my life; which includes, but is not limited to: Spending all my money, avoiding pregnancy, renovating my house, trying to move to Hawaii and convincing the husband to get another cat.

Our first little boy was born 7/6/12
 I am pregnant with baby number two
Due 7/13/15

 Is it a little presumptuous to think I am interesting enough for people to read what I have to say on a daily basis?
Yes, probably.
If you don’t like it...well, then you won't like this!